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Efficiency Audit

Individual Staff Success

Good leaders know that the success of their business depends on the success of staff. We work with individuals to improve productivity, streamline processes, and foster collaboration. Let us help you refocus your staff toward growing your business, and away from repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Microsoft 365 Applications

More than just a subscription to office applications, Microsoft 365 provides a foundation for secure collaboration on documents and data.  Improve how you communicate and collaborate with your team.  Take your data to the next level by leveraging new applications, templates, and integration with Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI. Schedule a call to see how we can help you best leverage your investment in Microsoft 365.

Providing Microsoft 365 Solutions

Find out how you can save hours of work with just a phone call.


Application and Data Integration

The ubiquity of the Internet has led to a vast array of available services, many of which are focused on a single department or business function. In solving one problem very well, however, they have created a need to integrate these disparate systems. Integration comes in many flavors, from simple no-code software services like Zapier and Power Automate, to sophisticated platforms and API programming.  Let us help you select the right integration tool and get your various systems working as if they were one.


We live in a data driven economy. Data is everywhere and when leveraged properly, can help businesses grow and succeed. From improving spreadsheets, to building dashboards around disparate data, we can help. Contact us to see how we can help you transform your data into valuable insights.

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DM Tech integrates custom applications to your workflow

Custom Applications

Need something a little more customized?  You may be surprised at the affordability of a custom application.  Custom solutions can range from an approach that requires little to no coding, like Power Apps, to more traditional approaches. The public cloud coupled with modern software developments tools allow for the creation of affordable custom applications. Schedule a free consultation now to discuss your needs.

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